Old School Roleplaying in McKinney, Texas

Space 1889

Space 1889: Play Report (Mar. 9, 2012)

The Characters:

  • Mr. Batholomew Logan, Wanderer
  • Sir Archibold Scroupe, Doctor
  • Mr. John W. Booth, Assassin
  • Mr. Heavyside, Big Game Hunter
  • Professor Albert Upthegrove, Archaeologist
  • Finn Murray, Sailor

Our story begins with the heroes investigating Fort Oublie. Encountering a zombie-like deranged legionnaire, they kill the former human, discovering from his diary that it was one Captain Winter, an American who had joined the Foreign Legion and was estranged from his wife and daughter Laura. On Winter’s desk is a gold locket with a photo of a dark haired, extremely attractive young lady; doubtless his daughter Laura with whom Winter had recently corresponded. (more…)


Space 1889: Play Report (Feb. 10, 2012)

The Characters:

  • Mr. Batholomew Logan, Wanderer
  • Sir Archibold Scroupe, Doctor
  • Mr. Henry Reinbach, Entertainer
  • Mr. John W. Booth, Assassin
  • Mr. Heavyside, Big Game Hunter

Three weeks ago the heroes met in London as Professor Alfred Bottoms welcomed each of the heroes into his study shortly after they were invited to join the Explorer’s Society’s inner circle. Fine brandy and fragrant cigars followed.

Soon thereafter they were dispatched to the Libyan Desert to retrieve the famous Scroll of Anubis. It had been stolen from the Museum in Cairo, and the professor wanted it returned posthaste so his daughter, Esmeralda Bottoms, an antiquities expert, could examine it. Time was of the essence since the contact who sold the information to the professor subsequently turned up strangled in his hotel room. The professor chose to stake his reputation on these heroes — the Society’s newest recruits — to recover the scroll, thought to hold secrets that might be dangerous in the wrong hands.

As the heroes approached their goal — Fort Oublie, or in English, Fort Forgotten — things went horribly wrong. Sharp cracks of rifle fire echoed through the dry desert air as native Bedouin raiders attacked. The explorers were in a cluster of rocks about 200 yards from the west side of the fort. The camels were shot and left behind, along with most of their gear.

Seeing the nearby safety of Fort Oublie’s stone walls and the glint of rifles lining their battlements, the heroes made a dash for the fort. Angry chaps, the raiders continued to pursue the heroes, but their distance made the bullets fly wild. (more…)