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Flashing Blades

Space 1889: Play Report (Aug. 24, 2012)

The Characters:

  • Mr. Batholomew Logan, Wanderer
  • Sir Archibold Scroupe, Doctor
  • Mr. John W. Booth, Assassin
  • Professor Albert Upthegrove, Archaeologist
  • Dr. Stein, Scientist

Full game recap is here.

Logan, Scroupe, Booth, Upthegrove: 2 XP each
Stein: 5 XP(Beginner’s Luck House Rule)

Here is the game table at one point. We were using figure flats. Savage Worlds handled a battle with 60 combatants (this scene isn’t pictured here) with little bookkeeping.


Flashing Blades: Play Report (Jan. 13, 2012)

Jaques Ampere, cornette in the Gendarmes de la Reine
Guy d’Brest, a greffier in the Royal Bureaucracy
Pascal Fourier, a King’s Musketeer
Baltasar Guetier, an unsavory fellow
Jan de Carpentry, a King’s Musketeer — absent (on duty)
Marcel Peroche, a student of theology for the Order of Preachers — absent (studying for exams)


A Market Day in Early Summer, In The Year of Our Lord 1623


  • A Benedictine rumored to have healing powers visiting Paris in the coming weeks, preaching a mission
  • A notorious assassin has escaped from the Bastille
  • Queen’s Fusilliers recruiting due to terrible losses in latest campaign
  • Viscount de Bouvard’s prize stud has been stolen; reward of up to 1000 livres for return of horse and capture of thief or thieves

Pascal needed to meet with his mistress before the troupe proceed to the Palais d’Justice to get the details on hunting the assassin. Arriving at her doorstep, her maid informs Pascal that it is her (the mistress’) birthday and he must return before sundown with lillies, plum wine, and cherry bon-bons.

Guy Brest is aware that only one wine shop, on the other side of Paris, might stock plum wine. Charlie’s character sends his faithful lackey to Les Halles in an effort to find the lillies as the troupe sets off for Le Renard et La Vigne. Pressing their way through the crowded streets, they stop by the Palais d’Justice in an effort to get information on the escaped assassin. As the bureaucracy is grindingly slow today, Jacques remains behind to acquire the desired information. (more…)

Flashing Blades: Character Name Generators

Not being a native of France, coming up with authentic French names for Flashing Blades can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. A site called Serendipity has numerous name generators, including a French male name generator and a French female name generator.  Here is an example list of male names it can create:

  • Alfred Leblanc
  • Alphonse-Jean Lejeune
  • Arnaud d’Allemagne
  • Barnabé-Jean-Jacques Daumier
  • Barthelemy Pelay
  • Bellamy Marchand
  • Benoit Desbois


Flashing Blades: Play Report (Oct. 29, 2011)

A night of surprises…

Late Spring In the Year of Our Lord 1623

Guy Brest having been detained by his duties at the Ministry of Justice, the rest of the party set back out for the chateau about two weeks since their previous visit.

Equipping themselves with lanterns, rope, pry bars, food, and some grenades contributed by Francois, they left Paris early one morning, still debating whether to use the previously acquired loot to acquire title to the chateau (although they’d also need to secure a loan of 6000 Livres).

They found a new lock on the postern gate and prized it open. Cautiously exploring, they found a tripwire tied to a loaded hand cannon hidden in the brush. Spying some bushes moving ahead of them, the hand cannon was discharged, peppering the target area and perforating the shrubbery. Inspecting the blast area, they found no evidence of whatever had made the bushes move. Opinion was clearly divided between rabbits and their foe or foes. (more…)

Flashing Blades: Miniature Resources

Our group doesn’t use miniatures, which works well for the sand-box style of gaming which uses a lot of improv. If you are looking at miniatures for swashbuckling style games, take a look at the minis from the Musketeers and Swashbucklers line at Brigade Games. They have a great range of male and female musketeers, and especially if you have a gender-balanced group of players, they have a wide range of options for character and NPC miniatures.

Flashing Blades: Character Sheets

Hot off the presses! Here are two new custom Flashing Blades character sheets in PDF format. You can fill them out and save them. The first page is similar to the standard  Flashing Blades character sheet that comes with the manual. A second page has additional space for gear and other information.

There are two versions: a plain (printer friendly) version, and an elegant parchment version for those willing to use a bit of color ink for more pizzazz.

Flashing Blades: Play Report (Oct. 14, 2011)

Spring, In the Year of Our Lord 1623

The 13th Year of the Reign of His Most Christian Majesty, Louis XIII

A few months have passed since the party went out carousing and learned, among other things, of a villa near Paris long-abandoned and rumored to be haunted.

In News of the World, a campaign for the summer was announced. The forces of His Most Christian Majesty will co-ordinate with the House of Savoy and the Most Serene Republic of Venice to dislodge the Spanish from the Valtelline Pass in Lombardy.

Our Intrepid Heroes have been busy doing their day-jobs while gathering information.

  • A rapier of exceptional quality fell into the possession of our gambling theology student, Jacques Adamo, who is a member of The Black Cross club. It turned out to contain a coded message in the hollow grip. The coded message contained clues to the treasure of the last Viscount de Gabriel.
  • Guy Brest, a gentleman bureaucrat, learned that the property was abandoned after the last Viscount was arrested and executed for treason. Taxes are unpaid, as no one, not even the Crown, lays claim to the land.
  • Jules Aubert is relieved to learn that his company of the Gendarmerie will not be called up for this campaign action, relieving him of the expense of equipping himself for campaign.
  • Gaston, an unctuous and unsavory fellow with a line in perfumes, mouchoirs (scented handkerchiefs), and snuff, after finding that several parties of treasure seekers from the Paris underworld had gone to the villa but never returned, was called away to the south on business.
  • Francois, a grenadier and drinking companion of Jules, decided to join the group (for an equal share of any spoils). His unit has been called up and he is not “in funds”.
  • As various pieces of information came together, Jacques pored over the Ecclesiastical records to discover that there in only one living descendant, a great-nephew, of the last Viscount. That descendant, Victor, escaped from a sanitarium where he was committed after preaching regicide and atheism several years ago.

Setting off at dawn from Paris early one crisp spring morning, Jacques, Guy, Jules, and Francois ride the couple of hours down the road NE of Paris, following, generally, the curve of the Seine. (more…)