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Flashing Blades: Play Report (Jan. 13, 2012)

Jaques Ampere, cornette in the Gendarmes de la Reine
Guy d’Brest, a greffier in the Royal Bureaucracy
Pascal Fourier, a King’s Musketeer
Baltasar Guetier, an unsavory fellow
Jan de Carpentry, a King’s Musketeer — absent (on duty)
Marcel Peroche, a student of theology for the Order of Preachers — absent (studying for exams)


A Market Day in Early Summer, In The Year of Our Lord 1623


  • A Benedictine rumored to have healing powers visiting Paris in the coming weeks, preaching a mission
  • A notorious assassin has escaped from the Bastille
  • Queen’s Fusilliers recruiting due to terrible losses in latest campaign
  • Viscount de Bouvard’s prize stud has been stolen; reward of up to 1000 livres for return of horse and capture of thief or thieves

Pascal needed to meet with his mistress before the troupe proceed to the Palais d’Justice to get the details on hunting the assassin. Arriving at her doorstep, her maid informs Pascal that it is her (the mistress’) birthday and he must return before sundown with lillies, plum wine, and cherry bon-bons.

Guy Brest is aware that only one wine shop, on the other side of Paris, might stock plum wine. Charlie’s character sends his faithful lackey to Les Halles in an effort to find the lillies as the troupe sets off for Le Renard et La Vigne. Pressing their way through the crowded streets, they stop by the Palais d’Justice in an effort to get information on the escaped assassin. As the bureaucracy is grindingly slow today, Jacques remains behind to acquire the desired information. (more…)