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Flashing Blades: Character Name Generators

Not being a native of France, coming up with authentic French names for Flashing Blades can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. A site called Serendipity has numerous name generators, including a French male name generator and a French female name generator.  Here is an example list of male names it can create:

  • Alfred Leblanc
  • Alphonse-Jean Lejeune
  • Arnaud d’Allemagne
  • Barnabé-Jean-Jacques Daumier
  • Barthelemy Pelay
  • Bellamy Marchand
  • Benoit Desbois

And female names:

  • Clarice Bergeron
  • Dorothée Cédolin
  • Emilianne Raine
  • Fantine Meserve
  • Fleurette Lefevre
  • Francine-Elisabeth Prevost
  • Geneviéve Esnault

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