Old School Roleplaying in McKinney, Texas

Flashing Blades: Play Report (Oct. 29, 2011)

A night of surprises…

Late Spring In the Year of Our Lord 1623

Guy Brest having been detained by his duties at the Ministry of Justice, the rest of the party set back out for the chateau about two weeks since their previous visit.

Equipping themselves with lanterns, rope, pry bars, food, and some grenades contributed by Francois, they left Paris early one morning, still debating whether to use the previously acquired loot to acquire title to the chateau (although they’d also need to secure a loan of 6000 Livres).

They found a new lock on the postern gate and prized it open. Cautiously exploring, they found a tripwire tied to a loaded hand cannon hidden in the brush. Spying some bushes moving ahead of them, the hand cannon was discharged, peppering the target area and perforating the shrubbery. Inspecting the blast area, they found no evidence of whatever had made the bushes move. Opinion was clearly divided between rabbits and their foe or foes.

They made haste to the front door, discovering a well-concealed tiger trap about ten feet deep with spikes on the bottom. As they discovered this without falling into it, they praised themselves for their caution and warily proceeded up the steps. No gargoyle statues assaulted them this time. All the gargoyle statues appeared to be in place around the balcony above the entry way. There was speculation as to how many of them were actually papier-mache.

Finding the door open, they pushed it in. The entry foyer appeared unchanged. They proceeded through a door to the right of the stairs, nestled under the piercing gaze of the last Viscount’s life-size oil portrait.

The party found themselves in a dusty kitchen that had been ransacked. Silverware and a gilt-enamel tea service were strewn about and covered with dust.

Through the kitchen they found their way into a parlor with an elaborate glass-tile mosaic in the floor: Death wearing a red cloak, surrounded by writhing flames and a Latin inscription. Jacques quickly translated the inscription as “FIRE IS MY MEDIUM”. This led to much speculation about cults and Satanic rituals…what was the last Viscount really up to?

They doubled back to the kitchen and found their way down into the cellar, led by Gaston who was in search of wine. They lit their lantern but, finding a rack of five torches at the bottom of the cellar stairs, they proceeded to light two and extinguish their lantern. Spying a well near the foot of the stairs surrounded by a crumbling parapet, Francois elected to light a third torch, so as to drop into the well. As he approached the well, he realized this would be unnecessary, as it appeared the well was nearly full.

The humidity was high in the cellar, causing the torches to smoke a bit as they illuminated the cobblestones and walls moist and slick with mildew. Heading down the hallway in search of wine, they found a patch of dry, packed earth in the floor of the cellar. They poked it with their blades, probing it, puzzling over this oddity.

As they discussed what might be underneath this patch of bare earth, their world erupted in thunder and fire.

After a week of not hearing from his friends, Guy Brest became worried and started making inquiries. The last anyone knew, they had headed out of Paris that morning and were never heard from again. The general consensus is that whatever haunts that chateau got them.


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