Old School Roleplaying in McKinney, Texas

Flashing Blades: Play Report (Sept. 23, 2011)

Paris, Winter of 1623
A miserable, blustery night

Slogging their way through the streets of Paris amidst the sleet and ice in search of a warm tavern and some gambling action, the party made their way to Le Beverage Noir. They hadn’t been there too long, barely long enough to get drinks, before the Rogue decided that heckling a small Italian tout at the cockfighting ring was the best way to improve their odds.

The bouncers didn’t take kindly to this and, before the rest of the Rogue’s companions could act, he took several blows in his sassy mouth. He was summarily deposited in the filthy slush outside where his companions, beating a hasty retreat lest a barfight turn into a slaughter, found and revived him.

The stumbled across the way to another skeevy dive where, somewhat better mannered, the actually engaged in gambling with both dice and cards. The soldier was so good at cards, he was was accused by the other players of cheating and a brawl erupted.

Lousy with fists and bottles, our brave protagonists quickly switched to weapons. There was some clumsy back and forth while the student of theology proved himself the best swordsman of the group.

Two of the four ruffians were knocked out, one was left lying in a pool of his own blood, and the fourth scampered out the side door.

The soldier scooped up the 60 Livres that had been scattered when the fight erupted, gave 20 to the landlord, and they all set off to find their lodgings.

Among the rumors they heard during their night about town was of a haunted chateau or villa nearby, long abandoned and full of treasure. They also learned of a nearby Gypsy encampment that is causing some concern.

* * *

One soldier (a cuirassier), a Breton Gentleman (a greffier in the Justice Department), a Norman Gentleman (a student of theology with the Dominicans), and a Rogue trying to pass himself off as a gentleman.

Advantages, Disadvantages, and gear selected they set off to make trouble.

Everyone did quick calculations and realized that, with the exception of the Rogue (who chose Wealth for his Advantage), they were going to be dead, flat broke in very short order.


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